About IssueLab Results


IssueLab Results is part of the #OpenForGood campaign, a combined effort that encourages foundations to more openly share what they are learning, so that others can more easily build on it.

The Results collection shares IssueLab's larger mission, of collecting and openly sharing social sector research, but with a special focus on evaluations. Again and again we have heard from foundations that some of the information they value most is about "what has, and hasn't worked". And yet, this is the knowledge they themselves are most reluctant to share openly. (See the excellent report from CEP on this issue.) For this reason, we built and launched IssueLab Results, with the support of the Fund for Shared Insight.

This collection and set of companion tools is a place for foundations and nonprofits to share funded evaluations and to access the lessons of their peers and colleagues.

The new service includes three key features to help change makers build on each other's knowledge:

Share Results: A place to learn about the initiative, find out what we're up to, and upload your most recent evaluation.

Find Results: A growing, open access collection of evaluations AND a tool for visualizing not just what has been learned but who is funding and implementing evaluations on the issues that matter to you.

This collection includes foundation-funded evaluations (focused on either process and/or outcomes) on dozens of different fields of practice and program types. The collection is diverse in the methodologies it includes and does not make judgements or value determinations about the evaluations themselves. Yet, we do require that evaluations include citations to secondary sources and/or information about primary research methods. We have launched the collection with a focus on evaluations produced in recent years (2014-2106) but will work backwards in time to capture and share legacy data from foundations and nonprofits. Of course growing the collection into a comprehensive and historical record depends on people like you uploading your own evaluations!

Measure Results: A curated collection of reports and methodological guides focused on building the evaluative capacity of social sector organizations.