About IssueLab Results


Foundation Center is a primary provider of knowledge services for the social sector. Collectively, its Glasspockets, GrantCraft, and IssueLab services offer resources and data to improve practice and to encourage the open sharing of lessons learned. IssueLab Results is part of Foundation Center's #OpenForGood campaign, a collaborative effort that builds on the past and ongoing work of these three services. The aim of the campaign is to broaden social sector adoption of open knowledge sharing practices by demonstrating the impact that foundations who are working more openly in this regard have made on their respective fields.

In 2017 through 2018 we'll roll out a variety of ways to engage with the campaign including:

IssueLab Results - hosted and maintained by IssueLab, Results includes three online destinations that supply easy and open access to the lessons that foundations are learning about what is and isn't working:

  • Share Results: a place to learn about the initiative, find out what we're up to, and what's happening next
  • Find Results: a growing curated collection of evaluations and a tool that shows connections/relationships between evaluation organizations
  • Measure Results: a special collection focused on the practice of evaluation

Knowledge Champions Blog Series - hosted by Glasspockets, this series features first-person accounts from foundation executives who are taking risks and being bold when it comes to knowledge sharing pertaining to failure, challenges, and lessons learned.

Evaluation Round-up - hosted by Glasspockets, the Round-up will feature examples pulled from IssueLab Results providing interested parties with ways to learn from and emulate frameworks that are working for others, particularly around challenges and failure.

GrantCraft Guide - hosted by GrantCraft and building on GrantCraft's "Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency", this new guide will continue the theme of openness by walking foundation staff through the process of building both the culture for open knowledge sharing at their foundation, and the necessary practices to make that sharing real.

The #OpenForGood campaign is funded by the Fund for Shared Insight through its Increasing Foundation Openness program area. We thank the Fund for its generous support and partnership.